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We are a familiar company dedicated to the manufacture of ceramics for more than thirty years. Our products are entirely handmade by using traditional methods but at the same time we introduce some innovative elements in terms of technique and the use of materials that allows us to make pieces of everyday use in small series.

The manufacturing process is entirely handmade and it begins with the treatment of the clay, continues to the design, follows to the creation and the drying procedure, the decoration of the piece and it ends with the cooking making each one of the pieces treated in a unique way.

Based in that philosophy Ceràmiques Pantaleu keeps its own identity signs always trying to make a difference in the ranges of colours and the quality of the finishing’s. Each of the pieces has the signature of our brand.

The result of our product is, on the one hand to respond to what the client asks us and on the other side the application of our own identity so we can customize all our works with exclusivity to each of our clients.

We offer a wide range of products, among which we can highlight tableware, everyday utensils, decorative pieces, personalized and exclusive business gifts with different collections and first quality series.


Surely you already know that La Bisbal is today one of the most recognized and leading ceramic centres in Catalonia and for this reason is called the “Capital of ceramics”. Pottery is one of the activities that gives life to the town and the surrounding municipalities. The importance of this activity is clearly reflected in the urban landscape of the city, characterized by the slender silhouettes of old industrial chimneys and by a commercial area strongly directed towards the commercialization of the different ceramic products.

ceràmica de la bisbal

The brand “Ceràmica de la Bisbal” is a distinctive of protected origin at the European Union level that serves to individualize, personalize and recognize the ceramic products manufactured in La Bisbal and surrounding towns. This mark is a guarantee of authenticity and a regulatory council is the one who ensures the good use of the brand and the promotion of the quality of the products protected by this badge.


The Empordà brand was born to represent a territory with a common entity, its own and differentiated. Landscapes as diverse as they are close that make it a unique place, with a rich history present in every corner. A cradle for culture, a source of inspiration for artists, poets and thinkers. A place with an innovative cuisine that at the same time ensures that the most precious traditions are maintained.

Ceramics is and has been one of the main economic activities of the population, at least since the eighteenth century (the first documentary news that gives reason to the craft of potter in La Bisbal dates of 1511). Artisan, creator, artist, almost an alchemist, the potter from La Bisbal is often the last step of a family with generations dedicated to the old work of shaping the clay; this is the case of Ceràmiques Pantaleu. La Bisbal differs from other ceramic production centres in that production is highly diversified; not only clay articles are produced otherwise there is a very important sector dedicated to the ceramics applied to the construction and another part occupied in the elaboration of decorative ceramics. All this makes up a population that lives in the shelter of ceramics, since there are also other industries that provide raw materials, equipment and machinery to the majority workplaces and factories of La Bisbal. Currently, this dedication encompasses most manufacturing, research and commercialization possibilities for ceramic products. “In addition to the intense industrial and economic activity that the ceramics give to the population of La Bisbal, it is necessary to consider the different actions that are being carried out at an institutional level, both in terms of formative aspects and strictly cultural aspects. At this moment the museum of ceramics of La Bisbal is the only institution that exists in Girona’s region and whose main objectives are the preservation, conservation and dissemination of material and cultural heritage linked to ceramics “. Xavier Rocas – Director del Terracotta Museu de la Bisbal.

Josep Massot
CEO / Founder

My life is ceramics.

Marta Chicot
Marketing Director

Experimenting with ceramics is my passion.